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  Private Detective I'm from 2000 g.Imal many cases, both at home and in my chuzhbina.Ofisat is located in Sofia, but I'm working on cases across the country.
     Furthermore, disclosure of infidelity detective offers the following services: a study of job applicants, unfair competition, disclosure of infidelity, private investigator, collecting data and information for people who collect data,proof or facts, consulting firms and resurch Market, tracing missing persons or fugitives without a permanent address unknown or absent, collecting information on civil status.
     Of the many cases that you have authorized a private detective I managed to gain many useful contacts that allow me to do my detective services better and more profesional.Contact with me, you can count on discretion, honesty, and fast razults accurate.
     During her long career, I had many and varied cases.My practice shows that the most numerous are those associated with honesty and trust between two people - disclosure.Unfortunately in most cases appear to be reasonable doubt, so do not hesitate to contact with me!!

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Detective services Disclosure of infidelity Private detective Business advice Searching for persons GPS Tracking Video surveillance Assistance in finding the biologic parents